Vinyl Wallpaper - Is it worth any interest? photo

Vinyl Wallpaper - Is it worth any interest?

Wallpapers have gained in popularity in recent years and we can see them rolling back into our homes in an array of colours, textures and materials. They seem to come handy for both, those who decorate their homes from scratch and those who refurbish and renovate their properties.

Wallpapers are excellent in almost every room, may it be a kitchen, bathroom or a bedroom. There’s a great choice on the market in terms of design and materials and the newest addition to the wallpaper world is what we know as a Vinyl Wallpaper.

What are the advantages of using Vinyl Wallpapers?

Standard Vinyl Wallpaper is composed of layers: the internal one can be made of paper / interlayer or vinyl, whilst the external layer is usually a coat of a vinyl / uPVC film. Such composition ensures water and vapour resistance and is easy to keep clean as well as makes the wallpaper less prone to mechanical damage.

There are two types of vinyl wallpapers on the market and they differ from each other significantly. Solid vinyl wallpaper (which additionally can be covered with a uPVC foil) is extremely durable and easy to clean and remove. This type of wallpaper makes a great choice for kitchens, bathrooms and basements as they keep moisture and condensation off the walls.  The second type - vinyl foam wallpapers are less durable and resistant but thanks to their composition they provide space for the walls to breathe.
The vinyl coating is obviously much more durable than any other paper coating. The size here matters too, especially for uneven walls as all the imperfections can be neatly hidden underneath the thick layers.

There is a great choice of vinyl wallpapers on the market and apart from their practical benefits such as being easy to clean or hiding imperfections they also serve us aesthetically with a fantastic array of marvellous textures and colours that can imitate anything from raw materials such as stone to Italian stucco walls.

If you are considering hanging new wallpapers in your home or office you will definitely find something interesting to match your taste and style and if you ever need assistance or are looking for professionals to help, please feel free to contact Kadeco team. We will be delighted to help.