Block Property

Painting and Decorating

At Kadeco we offer a complete service for property management and block management for all types of properties across London. We have a great experience in liaising with both residents and landlords on a day to day basis. We treat our customers’ premises with utmost care and always focus on providing our services with as little disturbance as possible.

Our team is fully trained and familiar with health and safety procedures. Appropriate risk assessments are carried out as part of our process and we always work in accordance to your procedures whilst on site.

Our team is very flexible in terms of your requirements and timing. We are more than happy to work around your schedule may it be early mornings, late nights or weekends and keep the work progress at a fast pace.
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We know from experience what difference a professionally painted flat can make. One of great ways to attract new tenants or buyers is to carry out some redecoration work at your block property. Interior and exterior painting, especially for properties that have been neglected for a long time, will certainly bring back life to those walls.

If your property is a bit challenging and there is a need for extra work or special skills are required don’t worry, we have probably been there already and you may be surprised that quite often it’s not as bad as it looks and can be resolved with some extra care by an experienced painter or decorator.

If you need any professional advice don't hesitate to contact us.