Painting and Decorating

Having been in the business for over a decade and with a combined experience of over 25 years our team knows the importance of preparation and protection in order to achieve a long-lasting and professional finish on your walls.

We can strip existing lining papers and wallpapers, repair holes and cracks, skim for smooth finish and hang a top-quality lining paper. A wall done by us looks so much better than a newly plastered one. Not only because of its smooth silky finish, but also because the cracks will not come out as it is commonly happens on a plastered wall.

Wall sanding, when done properly, usually is a very messy and a time consuming job. It is all about patience and attention to detail and many painters try to avoid the extra hassle and leave the surface unattended. This obviously undermines the integrity of the finished job.

Our professional painters and decorators work with high quality dustless sanders which produces fine finish in no time. We always keep our workplace clean and safe to protect health and to enable smooth working process with precise results.
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Why Kadeco is the right choice for your residential painting and decorating needs?

- We are flexible and efficient and we guarantee outstanding results.

- We are a well organised and qualified team providing friendly and attentive customer service.

- We keep our workplace neat and clean, and we always leave your premises in a spotless condition after finished job.

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