Preparing your walls for painting. photo
In our world, you either love it or hate it but you can’t undermine the importance of preparation works prior to the most delightful part of the job, the final paint application.

For all the DIY painting and decorating enthusiasts London offers a fantastic array of colours, materials and tools. Adverts are tempting us with limitless paint and finish choices reducing the painstaking prep work to a pre-made quick fixes that you can simply slap on your wall and voila! You’re ready to go.
How to increase the value of your house? photo
This article may be helpful not only for the property investors who buy to sell professionally but also for all homeowners out there who may want to sell their house in future.  Also, for everyone looking to buy, let’s have a look at the factors that increase the value of a property compared to the average market price in the area.

The easiest and the least expensive option is to give your interiors a splash of fresh paint, which usually doesn’t require any specific expenditure or permits. It can be done quickly and fairly cheap and, if done properly and with taste (forget the violet living room walls, sorry!) this cosmetic enhancement can even double your return on investment (ROI).
Vinyl Wallpaper - Is it worth any interest? photo
Wallpapers have gained in popularity in recent years and we can see them rolling back into our homes in an array of colours, textures and materials.

They seem to come handy for both, those who decorate their homes from scratch and those who refurbish and renovate their properties.

Wallpapers are excellent in almost every room, may it be a kitchen, bathroom or a bedroom. There’s a great choice on the market in terms of design and materials and the newest addition to the wallpaper world is what we know as a Vinyl Wallpaper.

What are the advantages of using Vinyl Wallpapers?
Picking paints and colours for different rooms. photo
When matching paint colours with rooms it is helpful to think of three factors and that is the type and purpose of the room, its size and your personality.

For kitchens yellow is most recommended, whilst blue seems to serve best in bedrooms, for living room choose green, red for hall and white for your bathroom. All types of interior will benefit from neutral colours such as brown, grey and white.

What kind of colours should we use in bright and dark interiors?
For bright and sunny interiors use cool colours. They will help to tone down the light.